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Democratic education = 
A community raising free people

Current school options not a good fit? Would you like to homeschool or unschool but do not have the ability to "do it well" on your own? Perhaps you think current educational systems do not raise independent thinkers who are eager to learn?

Our democratic school has the benefits of unschooling (a child-driven plan, freedom to choose, places to play, access to the outdoors), the lessons of democratic schools (those that participate make the  decisions that affect them and the community, and opting out is an option for all, but means less of a voice), and the benefits of community and collectivism (more affordable tuition, community involvement).

If you are new to the concepts of democratic schools, free schools, and unschooling, you should check out our FAQ.


There are videos, articles, and resources there to help you understand why this school exists and operates the way it does.

Ready to jump in and give it a try? We have a process to make sure our school is a good fit for your family.


Go to our admissions/enrollment page to find out more.


We are in the process of building Dandelion (our preschool program for kids under the age of 5), please check back soon or send us a message on the contact form for more information.