Admissions and Enrollment


As with all things during the COVID-19 pandemic, Liberigo is on hold. 

The kind of educational experience we want for our kiddos and youth is a hands-on, immersive experience that is not compatible with social distancing, and therefore must be put on hiatus until it is safe to gather in small groups again and get out into the world and explore.

Once we are ready to open again, this space will have resources for interested families. In the meantime, many of our families are doing collectivized unschooling. Feel free to send a message about that.


Tuition and Deposit Payments

To secure placement in September, pay the September tuition by April 1 prior to the start of the next school year. You will make monthly payments thereafter, due by the 15th of each prior month at the latest (October is paid in September). Families are welcome to pay their tuition earlier or in full if desired. If joining mid-year (when there is space), deposit is paid after a try day. Details about tuition month per month is on the enrollment form.



Full-Time: $4500/year ($25 per day) + 10 work share hours per month.

Part-Time: $3780/year ($35 per day) + 10 work share hours per month.


Homeschool Enrichment:

$35 per day, paid in advance.


Families able to do more work share can have tuition reduced by doing so. Please check with the school administrator on work that needs doing.

All workshare mentors are required to have a background check.


First Time Enrollment Process

  1. Apply:  Download, fill out, and submit an application.

  2. Take a Tour: Your family will come during school hours to see the school, meet other members of the community, and see if it looks like a fit. The tour is mandatory for potential students and for extended family members who will be doing work share and participating in the community. 

  3. Try Day: We progress to a "try day" where students get to attend for a day and see if feels right for them. This is for students only, we'll invite family members to attend in the next step.

  4. Four Week Trial: Families at that time pay a month's tuition for either part-time or full-time (whichever they hope to choose moving forward on the trial). 

  5. Full Enrollment: After successful completion of a trial period and there are no concerns or incidents to resolve, we can go ahead and enroll for the remainder of the school year. Tuition agreements are signed, work share hours are scheduled, and true education can begin!