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Liberigo is a community. We seek like-minded families and individuals who seek freedom, responsibility, and a tight-knit place for members to get support and find joy. 
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We are actively seeking:
new families to join the school
adult mentors who are passionate about democratic education
grant writers and fundraisers to help us achieve our dreams
a farm for families to share and place the school upon
adults willing to take on larger projects
people to join our bulk natural foods buying coop




Liberigo is currently in the process of forming and filing business paperwork.  Once complete, we will be able to accept financial donations, and once we do our 501(c)3 paperwork, those donations will be tax exempt.  In the meantime, please use the contact form to make donations (cash and in-kind):

We need:
Art supplies, paper, a trampoline, yoga balls, books, games, math manipulatives, microscopes, computers, tablets, monitors, wireless speakers, chairs and tables, graphic artwork for flyers and such, toys (balls, jumpropes), and more.


Volunteer/Work Share

Work Share is a part of tuition at Liberigo to help keep tuition costs low. Additionally, we have volunteer opportunities to make the school function more efficiently as a community.

We need:
adult mentors, fundraisers, grant writers, cooks, lawyers, folks willing to take on larger projects and see them through, and more. Have a skillset not mentioned here? Contact Lily and see if it is something we need!

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