We hope to have meals as part of the school day

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

As we move to a farm, we hope to create healthy mid-day meals and snacks as part of tuition.

We have gotten started, and currently families are supplying their own meals, snacks, and beverages. But we want to create a place where all kids get a healthy meal and snacks served as part of tuition, too. When we move to a farm with a full kitchen this is a goal.

When the time comes, we will poll families to determine food needs, allergies, and sensitivities to see what kinds of food we should offer.

A chance for additional learning

Not only will it help us keep our kids healthy during the school day- but cooking as part of the day offers a chance for kids to learn life skills, math, reading, and where their food comes from (we will be suing food grown and raised on the farm). All of which are valuable educational opportunities.